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Ice Cream Carts

Barts Carts is proud to offer a range of ice cream favorites with our full-service ice cream carts. Whether your guests are kids or kids at heart, we have something for everyone. Our ice cream push carts can turn your ordinary event into an ice cream extravaganza!


Ice Cream Options

  • Ice Cream Sundaes – Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream, M&M’s, nuts, sprinkles, choc chips, crushed Oreos, strawberry, and chocolate. Syrup, caramel, and whipped cream. (Order min. 50 servings)
  • Churro Sundaes – Scoop of Ice Cream w/ Fresh Baked Churro & choice of chocolate or caramel syrup, whip cream, crushed Oreos & sprinkles
  • Hand-Dipped Ice Cream – A large square of vanilla ice cream on a stick, dipped into chocolate and then rolled in nuts and sprinkles. This delicious treat is made-to-order. (Order min. 50 servings)
  • Ice Cream Cone – Chocolate or Vanilla (Order min. 100 servings)
  • Ice Cream Novelties – Drumsticks, vanilla crunch bars, ice cream sandwiches & fruit bars (Order min. 100 novelties)
  • Premium Ice Cream Novelties – Haagen-Dazs, Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Sandwich, or Nestle Dips
  • Malts & Shakes – 16oz chocolate and vanilla topped with whipped cream (Order min. 50 servings)
  • Floats – Available in Root beer or Coke, 16 oz (Order min. 50 servings)